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Nice driveway is one of the first impressions your property will make and as you know, there are no second chances for first impressions and yet we have seen our share of "cowboy build" drives where skimping on membrane, load bearing layer or "when this is going to fail I'm not going to be here" attitude, led to sinking / cracking in places or drainage problems. We are big believers in: Do it right - do it once approach as it usually saves time, money and generally makes life feel better.
Now down to options: Gravel was, and most probably still is the most used driveway surface. It makes sense as it is one of the easiest to install, depending on choice of stone it can be one of the most economical options and the colour range is huge. Part of the charm is the flowing effect and crunching underfoot which can be taken as partial security feature (try silently walk on a gravel) but not everybody likes this and spilling of the gravel into surrounding areas can be an issue. That is where self-binding and resin bound and bonded gravel comes into play.
Stone or block paved drives are more expensive and therefore more suited for smaller areas, but can be kept tidy easier and offer wider variety of patterns and colours.
If you want / need new driveway we are the answer to your question: Who does fast and good driveway installations near me? We offer fast, local and professional gravel /paved driveway construction across South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire including Wallingford, Goring & Streatley, Woodcote, Cray's Pond, Stoke Row, Pangbourne, Benson, Dorchester, Didcot, West and East Ilsley, Compton, Nuffield, Nettlebed and Henley on Thames

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