The lawn is the carpet of your garden. It’s no wonder then that even neglected gardens with properly cared for lawns have a wild and exciting charm. Do you live in Oxfordshire or West Berkshire? We offer gardening services to areas such as Wallingford, Goring & Streatley, Woodcote, Cray’s Pond, Stoke Row, Pangbourne, Benson, Dorchester, Didcot, West and East Ilsley, Compton, Nuffield, Nettlebed and Henley on Thames. Let Great Garden help you bring the best out of your lawn:

A nicely striped lawn which is correctly cut can offer great beauty. At Great Garden we have become experts in what to some seems just a repetitive and boring task. How often or how low the lawn should be cut depends on the weather, condition and composition of the turf. We can get you the best possible results with the minimum of ease at competitive prices. Just let us know what your dream lawn should look like and we’ll do the rest!

You are what you eat – applies to all living things – lawns included! We can offer many options as to how to feed your lawn and if you would like tailor made nutrition for your turf – just ask.

Moss killing
This can be done at any time of year, but late autumn and early spring are the best times – just before moss starts producing spores. Another advantage is that the moss-killer produces dark green, healthy lawn which in cool winter months looks rather nice. A week or two after moss treatment scarifying should take place.

This is what we call the “combing” of the lawn at Great Garden. It removes dead moss, accumulated thatch and gives the grass plants a bit more space to breathe and grow. After lawn mowing, this is the second best thing that you can do to your favourite piece of green.

Hollow tine aeration
Ask any plant – compacted soil is just not a good place to grow. Aeration relieves compaction by making holes in the soil so that roots have access to water, nutrients and air. We use specially adapted machines which cuts out tiny plugs up to 6 inch deep which will stay open for longer.

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