Trimming hedges
From small to tall we can trim them all! And what is more, we do it at the right time of year and keep them at the same height. Some will need to grow, while others will need clipping back so their overall health is not affected. Just tell us what you would like your hedge to do for you and we’ll whip it in to obedience!

Planting hedges
A beautiful and natural alternative to a fence or a screen, the right hedge will change and bloom throughout the seasons. It can be planted all year round though the cooler months of late autumn till early spring will offer better conditions and price advantage of bare-root plants.

Here at we love trees! Some trees have become our best friends! Small or huge, young or centuries old, they all need some maintenance from time to time. Be it pruning, crown reductions or felling.

Tree pruning
From dwarf apple to large oak. We have the equipment and knowledge when and how to do it. Ask us!

Stump grinding
If you don’t want to wait the next 20 years for a stump to decompose, or you need the spot for something else – a Great Garden stump grinder is the answer. Just say the word.

The art of the shears. The tightly trimmed geometrical shapes or flowing curves are just perfect to offset the wild shape of other planting. You can learn to trim topiary only one way: trim, trim, trim and do some more trimming then repeat. I know because we have done loads of it so if you want to be sure that your 100 year old topiary is in good hands please get in touch – maybe just from the respect to the mastery of those who shaped it a century ago.

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