When mother nature neglects her watering duties or newly planted plants require regular watering until established, irrigation system can be the ideal "set it and forget it" solution. Most people have tendencies to over or under water and it is not everybody's dream pastime spending every summer evening an hour with garden hose in hand. Well installed and set up irrigation system will water regularly, skip rainy days and make sure that right amount of water is used, resulting in much happier and healthier plants. For most newly planted beds and hedges it is (at least for the first few years) a must - unless you really enjoy regular watering. We offer professional irrigation installation across South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire including Wallingford, Goring & Streatley, Woodcote, Cray's Pond, Stoke Row, Pangbourne, Benson, Dorchester, Didcot, West and East Ilsley, Compton, Nuffield, Nettlebed and Henley on Thames.

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Great Garden are based at Icknield Farm, Ipsden but you will rarely catch us here as we spend most of our time in our customers’ gardens.We offer gardening and landscaping services over a wide area in South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire so you may well come across us in big towns such as Didcot, Henley on Thames and Wallingford.

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